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Educational Qualification

  Duties carried out as an Electronics Engineer  
    Analysis, design, acquisition, integration, installation, maintenance and asset management services in the following areas  
  • Ground-based communication systems - operational and corporate voice and data Networks, ISDN, ADSL, Ethernet, voice switching systems, Aeronautical Fixed Telecommunications Network and communication towers and masts

  • Navigation systems – Instrument Landing Systems (including localiser, glide path, markers and locators) and navigation aids (including VHF Omni – Range and Distance Measuring Equipment)

  • Surveillance systemsRadar - primary / secondary, surface movement, Automatic Dependant Surveillance (ADS) and CPDLC.

  • VHF & UHF air-ground communications systems.

  • Operational ATC consoles and handheld and mobile VHF & UHF transceivers.

  • Flight data processing systems;

  • Airfield Lighting - Runway, taxiway, apron, approach, T-Visual approach and pilot activated lighting

  • Data Networks - Cisco

  • Data Systems – Data Warehousing, data integration and data mining

  • Electrical systems - Power supply systems including automatic power systems and un-interruptible systems

  • Other systems including meteorology, safety and environmental systems and search and rescue support equipment.

  • Mechanical and infrastructure systemsCommunication towers and masts, air conditioning and radar mechanical services.

  • Automated weather stations and atmospheric testing equipment collecting a large volume of data daily.



Turnkey projects involved 


Planning and preparing specification, implementations of training, testing and acceptance, quality assurance and risk management, warranty support and compiling of maintenance procedures in the following areas of Air Traffic Equipment.

·         Eurocat (1000)/EASY system
·         Upgrade Eurocat 1000 to Eurocat C
·         Radar, ILS, VOR, DME and NDB

·         Air Traffic Voice Communication Control Consoles (VCCS)

·         Microwave & Optical Communication Links

·         Aeronautical Radio Receivers & Transmitters

·         Ground Voice Communication System & Mobile handsets (UHF)

·         Data Processing/Computer Networking/User Management 

·         Air Traffic Voice Recording System


  • Implementation of

§  Corrective maintenance activities

§  Preventive maintenance activities

§  Contingency requirements 

·         Investigating problems caused by software or hardware defects.

·         Defining changes in requirements.

·         Reviewing and analysing contractor provided specifications, design and interface, manuals, procedures and handbooks.

·         Building and deploying new software releases.

·         Coordinating and participation in software validation and verification.

·         Confirming the configuration management of software baselines.

·         Providing specialist advice and expertise.

·         Developing technical procedures and documentation


  Demonstrated technical expertise  
  • Data Communications Multiplexing and Switching equipment
  • Voice Switching Systems and Equipment
  • Wide experience in complex electronic systems with core expertise in Communications networks
  • Ability to achieve objectives and conduct work planning, utilising project management principles within cost and schedule constraints.
  • A high level of communication skills, both in written and oral form, appropriate to use in discussions with technical and non-technical staff, managers, customers, suppliers and industry     personnel.
  • Ability in the production of reports, specifications, and engineering plans.
  • Experience in working with minimal supervision on assigned projects or tasks, either alone or as part of a team.
  • Familiarity with Cisco based products
  • Tender evaluation, procedures development, systems installation and flight testing
  • Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast ( ADS-B) design phase.

·         Able to assist other service providers with ATC automation system enhancements and the resolution of other operational issues associated with the introduction of ADS-B.

  • ATM system integration and implementation and technical systems support - for Eurocat 1000 / EASY and other leading ATM systems.
  • Support to traditional navigation technology such as Instrument Landing Systems, Non Directional Beacons and VOR.
  • Configuration, control and preventative and corrective equipment maintenance – for all aviation related systems including test equipment calibration and repair.
  • Demonstrated ability to design, develop and deliver technical training in a demanding operational environment.
  • Design, maintenance and testing of software systems

            Experience with Linux, C++, Java, XML, ASP

            Experience with multi-threaded and networking

            Experience in operationally critical software systems.

            ATM software systems.

  • Database development and administration
  • Experience with shell scripting and Network programming
  • Familiarity with Cisco based products
  • Software and system design, development and management – including flight and operational data, situational awareness and surveillance systems including Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast and the Ground-Based Augmentation System, aeronautical information, weather and noise monitoring and flight planning and briefing.
  • Web development

o    Support existing websites and database developments, changes and bug fixes.

o    Design, document and develop new websites and databases to streamline company function and facilitate new functions.

o    Install, configure and maintain database servers and databases to provide integrity, performance and availability.

o    Configure and carry out systems testing, based on design specifications with the following Skills ASP, PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, IIS, Apache, SQL

o    Website content and graphics creation with Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Flash
Knowledge of industry best practice in web solution architecture, coding standards, web design, accessibility.

o    Analysis, attention to detail, testing, documentation and writing test plans for the web site.


  Visiting lecture at Civil Aviation Training Centre – Sri Lanka  


o    Co-ordinate, develop and deliver technical training programs, documentation and materials

o    Develop and deliver Technical Training courses and programs as per company requirements.

o    Provide advice to Chief Instructor on issues that may influence the effectiveness of technical training.

o    Program the training activities of Technical Training Staff.

o    Evaluate training, analyse training needs and the assignment of recognition of prior learning.

o    Manage documents and records (including archives).

o    Implement and maintain training quality control and assurance mechanisms.

o    Co-ordinate support functions (projects, proof of concept trials, software and data testing).


  Procurement of equipment  

o    Provision of Technical Assistance for the preparation of the Terms of References for procuring of Equipment and Service Contracts

o    Visit the beneficiary institutions, Ministry, Department or statutory body.

o    Retrieve the available information necessary for the preparation of the Terms of  reference

o    Acknowledge the Ministry concept about the specific contents of the Terms of reference

o    Coordinate with the authorized person(s) from the Ministry or the relevant body on the specific contents of the Terms of reference.

o    Prepare the Terms of Reference, which strictly follow the requirements of the “Practical Guide to Tender procedures” formulated by National Procurement Authority (NPA).

o    Prepare the selection criteria to the potential Candidates (part of the Procurement  Notice) following the NPA requirements.

o    Prepare the evaluation criteria to the short-listed candidates (part of the tender dossier) following the NPA requirements.